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  1. That's awesome.  I need to start investing.  I want to buy about $3,500 worth of Ford Stock while it is down ($6.20).

  2. 69-70 Shelby is my Favorite and 71-73 Mach 1 my Favorite Mustangs.
  3. They found a couple just a couple Blocks away in Apartment Parking Lots. The article did mention Alarm or Cameras so, It may be an Insurance Job or a Publicity Stunt of some sort, maybe an Alarm Company trying to prove he needs a state of the art Alarm System.
  4. I thought they were to Fly over Tallahassee today but our Local News Stations really suck in letting us know of any special Events until AFTER it happens.
  5. I wish they made a "Sneaky Pete" style Holster for a 380 6 Shot.
  6. It's most likely the Pressure around the Car at High Speed and the Window is the weakest part. Try turning on the Vent or Heater to allow outside Air to enter the Cabin thru the Vents and see if that helps.
  7. You may have to resort to having one made using 3D Printing.
  8. Yep, I thought I was posting on his other HELP Thread.
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